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in Lynchburg, Va

At the Lynchburg, VA dental office of Gregory J. Toone, DDS, your entire family will discover a whole new level of personalized and anxiety-free dental care. Ours is a small office in which we have cultivated a relaxed and home-like atmosphere. We take pride in establishing trust-based relationships and do all that we can to foster this sense of trust among our patients. We combine this personal touch with precision dentistry and special techniques to make the dental procedures we perform comfortable and worry free.

Gregory J Toone

Gregory J. Toone, DDS

Dr. Toone is interested in helping those who have previously had negative experiences with dental care overcome their fear and get back to regular checkups, cleanings, and other much-needed oral health treatments. Over the years, Dr. Toone has honed his skills and developed techniques that allow him to prevent pain naturally. These techniques have proven very helpful for children’s first dental experiences as well. Our entire team will make sure you are comfortable throughout every visit.

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Restorative dentistry uses a combination of cosmetic procedures and modern restorations to improve your smile with natural-looking results

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that occurs when your breathing repeatedly starts and stops during sleep.

Crown and Bridge

Dental crowns and dental bridges can restore your tooth or teeth with functional and aesthetically beautiful results. Both crowns and bridges are custom-created to fit over your natural teeth, replacing and restoring the tooth’s surface.


Full dentures, sometimes referred to as complete dentures, are used for treating total tooth loss. Partial dentures are used to replace some teeth, when there are still healthy teeth remaining.

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